Joaquín emerges from the shadows | sports

The match ended in a draw (2-2). For those who saw only the first part, a logical result. Those who witnessed it from start to finish had to rub their eyes to believe it. A Betis disappeared for 40 minutes, reappeared at the end under the baton of the veteran Joaquín, to rescue a point in Anoeta.

Real and Betis are two teams that like to have the ball, so they shared it almost equally in the first act. Real more incisive, Betis moved at the impulse of Canales or Laínez, under the baton of Fekir from within. The donostiarras replicated trying not to lose control, with Portu bothering as always and Oyarzabal managing the show.

The goalkeepers did not intervene much, because the tide crashed against the defensive breakwaters of the two teams. Betis had a chance in a shot by Fekir after a play by Laínez. Another La Real in a magnificent parallel center of Merino that Oyarzabal let pass. Guridi’s shot diverted Joel to a corner. On the points, the Basques and Andalusians ended the first half tied, although it was Betis that came closest to Remiro’s area in the final minutes.

The teams went to the booth, but a quarter of an hour later, only the Royal Society took the field. Eleven blue and white players and eleven purple shadows appeared. And the shadows don’t play football. Powerful Merino and Guridi in the midfield, stealing balls as if their lives depended on it, the Real took very little to unbalance. It was in an action in which Merino was able to foul Paul in the jump. The ball reached Isak, who shot from the edge so that Joel’s shadow was not able to stop the ball. It was the second realistic option in the same play that Betis could not defend.

Shortly after, the second arrived, in another robbery of the immense Merino, which he put towards Isak, and he found the precise space where Oyarzabal sneaked in to sting before Joel. The shadows of Betis chased the shadows of the San Sebastian footballers.

Real lacked skill to score three, or four. Gorosabel had two clear shots on the same play; Portu headed a ball too high in the small area. Betis still did not appear on the pitch, there were only the shadows, increasingly diluted, that did not cross the midfield until much later, when the game already seemed totally resolved.

But among the Betic ruins a footballer appeared, the eternal Joaquín. While Imanol, already thinking about other issues, sent his best footballers to rest, Betis rushed his options with an almost 40-year-old. In a spark in minute 85, he put a ball with diamonds to Canales; In 92, he pushed the center of Tello, who progressed down the left to tie a game that his team could lose by a landslide. Joaquín appeared out of the shadows to frustrate Real, who still can’t find the key despite having plenty of football.

William José leaves on loan to Wolverhampton

La Real announced this Saturday that it has reached an agreement with Wolverhampton for the loan of Willian José until the end of the season, in an operation that includes a non-mandatory purchase option and that would be between 20 and 25 million euros. The 29-year-old Brazilian forward was already on the verge of leaving the club just a year ago when he got an offer from Tottenham.

This campaign, the Swede Alexander Isak has won the title and Willian José will try to win minutes in the Premier. The striker leaves having scored three goals in LaLiga (in 13 games), two in the Cup and one in the Europa League.