Joao Maleck’s destination would be Santos Laguna, .

After the youthful soccer player Joao Maleck was found guilty of aggravated homicide and the law ruled that he can serve his sentence on probation, his destiny seems to be the team that owns his sports rights: Club Santos Laguna.


Javier Alberto García, defense attorney for the talented midfielder trained in the Santos Laguna quarry, declared for the TUDN chain that his client remains fit to play professional soccer and that as soon as he manages to leave the Puente Grande prison, in Jalisco, he will report the Albiverde team, who has Maleck under contract. At all times, during the judicial process that was brought against the soccer player, the legal area of ​​the Santos Club was aware of the advances and the termination of the contract was ready, in case Joao lost his civil rights, but upon receiving the sentence in which the possibility of serving his sentence outside prison was granted, the employment relationship with Santos remains intact with the player who months ago, driving his sports car in Guadalajara at high speed and in an inconvenient condition, collided with another car, which caused the death of two young people.

The Santos Club was not only aware of Maleck in legal matters, but also in sports, which shows the interest of the institution in the physical and mental health of its player, granting him training plans while he was in preventive detention, according to García. . “” He is fit, in his weight, he had a nutrition program, his mother at all times was carrying the food he was given. In case this situation is achieved (getting out of jail), the next day, if not that day in the afternoon, he will present himself to his team, because he is registered and they are waiting for him, “said the lawyer. .



has Joao Maleck, who debuted in

Santos basic forces in 2015.

“Once he regains his freedom, if this situation is viable, what he has to do immediately is go to his club, that is, Santos, since he has a contract and he is registered. He is still an employee of Santos, we have I have spoken with the board and they told me that he needs to be with them immediately, “added Javier Alberto García. The soccer player received a sentence that allows him to get out of prison if he pays three million pesos, which caused great outrage in the families of the victims of the accident and in public opinion.


Weeks ago, the president of the Santos Club, Dante Elizalde, declared in a meeting with journalists that as an institution they were monitoring the legal situation of Joao Maleck, maintaining his record with the Warriors U-20 team. The Albiverde club always kept awaiting the resolution of the judge of the case, confirming the interest in having the services of Maleck again, who for more than a year and five months has remained in preventive prison, received a sentence of 3 years, 8 months and 15 days, in addition to paying the reparation of damages for the victims’ relatives, the amount of which was agreed to at three million pesos.

Under the management of Orlegi Deportes, the Santos Club has always proclaimed the requirement that its players of all levels have exemplary values ​​and contribute in a good way to society, in addition to their performance on the field.

The communication department and the club president did not offer statements for the completion of this report, regarding the club’s expectation for the return of Joao Maleck.

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