Joao Félix reappeared after his break by Covid

Atlético de Madrid

he was finally able to recover one of those players who are called to make a difference. But for one reason or another he has not done it lately. We talk about Joao Felix, which returned to having minutes after overcoming the Coronavirus.

The player received authorization for the previous session of the clash against Levante after 13 days without training with the team. As explained Simeone, the footballer has been training at home and was eager. Obviously, in a two-week break, the player was not a starter, but came out in the second half.

He jumped in minute 66 for Yannick Carrasco, but he was not seen as active as he would be supposed in other conditions. The Portuguese was seen with the logical lack of rhythm after he missed appointments before Cadiz Y grenade.

It did not come into play too much. Isolated on one of the bands. It did not have the participation that is supposed to be if it is in conditions. With everything a deep pass was taken to Luis Suarez, which was a great occasion. It was intoned as the minutes progressed. It is clear that to see him better we will have to wait for the next few days, when he trains with the group (on Tuesday he did it separately) and pick up his pace. In any case, a good reinforcement for the next matches.