Joan Mir, “neither for nor against” the holeshot system

05/13/2021 at 6:06 PM CEST


The Spanish Joan Mir (Suzuki GSX RR), current MotoGP world champion, said before the start of the MotoGP French Grand Prix at the Le Mans circuit that he is “neither in favor nor against” the holeshot system.

“I believe that each factory will think the best for them and in my case, we do not have the ‘holeshot’ for the exit of the curves So if it could not be used, it would not harm me, in any case it would benefit me, because it could have a little more equality in that aspect and I believe that in this each one is going to sweep for their house and say what it is better for him. I am neither for nor against“, emphasized Joan Mir.

It would be better for me if there was no ‘holeshot’ for anyone, because we do not take it (during the lap) and it is clear that I am going to look after my own thing. There is no meeting set for the moment, “” acknowledged the Suzuki rider.

I am looking forward to this Grand Prize. Normally Le Mans is not the favorite of most drivers because of the weather, because it usually rains a lot and there are quite low temperatures and even so, I am optimistic, “says Mir.

Last year in the water I felt good in the race, removing the first laps, in which I was not very lucky., but I feel fine and in the test we took a step forward with the bike, I finished that test very happy so we will see if we can test that in dry conditions, to be able to evolve the bike, “explained the MotoGP world champion.

It is clear that technology improves every year. The bikes improve and we are all trying to do it in some way, either in terms of motorcycle or riding, but in our case, the riders are looking to be faster in terms of riding, and the teams try to make the bike faster, “he acknowledges. Joan Mir.

There is no limit that says that motorcycles cannot continue to evolve. The work continues, but it is true that that makes you wonder what happens if a cap is not put in place. How fast can we go? It is true that the faster we get, the closer the loopholes will be and the safety of the circuits will become smaller and smaller and we will have to increase it more and more by putting the walls further, especially in MotoGP “, says the rider. .

If motorcycles continue to evolve, each time we will have to pull back the walls of the circuits. I don’t know, it would still be easier to limit this technology a little more so that we do not arrive so fast and thus increase the safety of the drivers a bit and also the budget of the circuits, because it is not easy to move the stands. Surely Dorna and the MotoGP teams already see this and maybe something will be done in the future; I don’t know when, but it’s starting to move a bit, “Mir continues.

The world champion assures that he is “Stronger than last year, I’m making fewer mistakes, in terms of driving and everything a little, and that makes me be further ahead in the general classification in the first races “.

My goal is to do a season from less to more, to increase and gain experience little by little, and to be doing better results, because so far the circuits that have come are not the best for me, and for the bike, and even so we are fourth and very close to the first “, remembers Joan Mir.

“I cannot complain about the start of the season that we have done. I am calm. We have to be faster to fight for the title, win races and be more on the podium, but there are many races and many circuits that I am better at, “says the Suzuki rider with conviction.

“I think I’m on the right track, I can be wrong again, but I try to be very focused so as not to make the same mistakes that I have made in the past“Mir acknowledges.

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