Joan Laporta: “I spoke with Gerard Piqué after PSG and he was sunk”

Joan Laporta, candidate for the presidency of Barcelona, analyzed the team’s batacazao in the Champions League against PSG. The defeat makes the tie very uphill for the Catalans, who are going through a moment of crisis. The Catalan businessman also spoke about the signings and announced that Juan Carlos Navarro will be part of his project in the basketball section of the Barcelona entity. He also said that he has spoken with Piqué and that he was sunk by defeat.

Sponsorships in sections

«The idea is to work with a sponsor for each section. Sponsorship always has to tell a story, and each section has its own story. This is the general idea.

Koeman continuity

“We place our trust in the technicians, they have a contract in force and the margin will be given by the results and the game. We will do it with the utmost respect for them, but we will be demanding, as we have to be in the world of sport. We will not talk about names but we will contribute ».


We have conversations. Today they have made us a proposal that we must value. What I’m not going to do is say what I don’t have yet. If I say them, it will be because I have them closed. We have had three conversations with three different sponsors for naming rights and we have another conversation soon scheduled ”.

New sections

«I have been president and I have already lived it. These are the sections we have. We think about baseball because it is a section that we have already had. If we find a sponsor, we’ll get it back. I think that with those of us who have the most possible baseball, we have enough.

Juan Carlos Navarro

“He was one of our players, when he was president, and there was a very good relationship and harmony. We keep in touch. We know you have a good connection with Saras. We trust him for his ability. You can reach many places for your image of reference in European and world basketball. He is already in the club, what we think is to give him more relevance within the section ».

The Champions, an obsession

«Winning the four Champions of the sections in a single season is a wish we have … With me as president we have won all the Champions that could be won with the sections and two in football, while in football the direct rival did not win any. We will make every effort to achieve this, I can promise this. We will have all athletes and professionals focused on achieving it ».

Reaction after PSG

«The other day I was angry, with a huge disappointment, thinking of going to sleep and letting the hours go by. I didn’t even have the strength to make a tweet. I went to sleep, I didn’t sleep very well, but the hours go by and the message is clear: you have to be with the players.

He spoke with Piqué

«I spoke with a player from the first team after the game. He was sunk, but he was precisely the one who set an example by wanting to play out of injury. I have already made the reference to a conversation with a person with whom I have a very good relationship, and I only said that I was sunk, but allow me to reserve the rest of the conversation and just tell you that we are not going to leave them alone.


«I have all the cards ready to face these situations. It is because of the experience and knowledge that I have of the people who could intervene in these situations. I want to send a message of calm to Barcelona. We will once again be economically sustainable and if we need to improve sports teams, I have all the cards ready to play them ».

Economic situation

“I am convinced that the club will be financially healthy in the short term.”


«I remain in the will to convince Leo to continue in the club. The competitors are state clubs and they have their way of skipping the Financial Fair Play. You will receive great offers and it is difficult to compete with it, but I will try to convince you.

Regain the winning mentality

«That they fight, that they continue fighting. The Cup has to be played and the League… Atlético will go through difficult moments. I would ask you to maintain your dignity and regain the winning mentality. If so, we will never leave you alone. It is now when you have to love Barça more. The players are today alone. I ask you to maintain your dignity in the Champions League. We will go very calm to Paris. I think you have to create a comeback atmosphere for the game in Paris.