The author told her to his fans, reported Variety, which had been quietly suffering from what was probably Covid-19, for the past two weeks, but fortunately has now fully recovered.

The creator of the Harry Potter story broke the news Monday, sharing a breathing technique that saved her life, which she credited having overcome, as her doctor, Neil Murray, advised him to do so.

“Please look at this Queens Hospital document explaining how to alleviate respiratory symptoms,” he tweeted. “For the past 2 weeks I have had all the symptoms of C19 (although I have not been tested) and did this on the advice of the doctor. I am fully recovered and the technique helped me a lot.”

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The writer of 54 years She did not say why she chose not to be tested, however, she reassured concerned fans who immediately began to approach.

“Thanks for your kind and kind messages!” she followed up a couple of hours later. “I really am completely recovered and I wanted to share a doctor recommended technique, it costs nothing, has no unpleasant side effects, but it could help you / your loved ones a lot, as I did. Stay safe, by all. “

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In the video, the doctor advises a breathing technique for people who show symptoms, adding that it’s even useful to do it before you get infected.

“What I need you to understand is that once you have an active infection, you need a good amount of air to get into the bases of the lungs,” he says.

Directs patients to take five deep breaths, hold for five seconds, a sixth deep breathing followed by coughing and repeating those steps a second time. Crucially, he advises that you lie on your back for ten minutes, not on your back, like most hospital patients.

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