JJ Abrams is already preparing a Justice League Dark spin-off for HBO Max

Let them never say that JJ Abrams does not work. The director, whose last film was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61%, landed a deal with HBO Max to develop multiple titles based on characters from the DC comics. The most recent to join the list on the way is Madam x, a character related to Justice League Dark, a group that will see its own adaptation also produced by this director.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director JJ Abrams is preparing another title for HBO Max. It is a series of Madame X, a sorceress who in the comics has been related to the Justice League Dark, a league of superheroes with magical powers. This production will be one of several that have this director and his company Bad Robot behind to strengthen the catalog of that streaming platform and its offer for fans of the comic book firm.

The report indicates that the scriptwriter of the series will be Angela Robinson, director who was personally selected by Abrams () to lead the project and write all the episodes, as well as to produce them. The series will be made up of hour-long episodes and is only in the earliest stages of development, so no information is yet available on the cast or characters that will appear.

Madame X or Madame Xanadu, in case you are unfamiliar with the character, is an immortal sorceress named Nimue in the pages of the comics. Newer versions of her have made her something of a consultant to the heroes of Justice League Dark. She has various abilities and is originally a version of the witch from the Arthurian tales and a former partner of the wizard Merlin. Her knowledge of ancient magic is what makes her so valuable.

Everything seems to indicate that the show will be part of a saga of heroes who will each have their own title and who will also be part of the team in the Justice League Dark series. It is known that Abrams is also developing a Constantine series – 46%. All this as a producer since for now he has no commitments as a director. In the case of Madame X, it will be the second time that we will see her in live-action after a brief appearance in Swamp Thing.

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Of course, Abrams is also producing a new Superman movie, which will be a reboot of the version we saw in the DCEU. The character will be played by an African-American actor, although more details about the film have not yet been revealed as they are also in the earliest stages of development. This is sure to be enough work to keep you busy for now.

Neither project has a release date yet on HBO Max. The platform, which will finally debut in Latin America next week, has other DC movies and series on the way that are not linked to Adams. One of them, and the one that may be the first we will see, is Peacemaker, spin-off of The Suicide Squad, which is already filming and could be released in early 2022.

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