Jim Ryan: PS5 Manufacturing Was Remotely Monitored By Pandemic

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2020 has been a complicated year because the COVID.19 pandemic changed everything and its impact has been felt, is being felt and is beginning to be felt in different sectors. Video games have experienced the 2 sides of the coin, because although they became one of the most popular forms of entertainment, different projects were affected or had to be delayed. Despite this, one of the most important achievements of the industry was the debut of the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox, something that was a real challenge according to Jim Ryan.

During an interview with TAAS (via Gamingbolt), Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, spoke about the difficulties that the company faced in making the launch of PlayStation 5 a reality as the pandemic threatened different sectors of its manufacturing lines and distribution. Initially, the head of PlayStation pointed out that after the debut of PS5 he has felt relief and happiness because there were moments when they thought they could not achieve it: “I suppose that my 2 main feelings are of happiness because things seem to be going well, and of relief Well, we did it this year it was unusual, weird, and frankly quite difficult. Of all the things I’ve learned in 2020, one is that I wouldn’t plan on doing another big console launch in the middle of a global pandemic, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. more”.

Later, Ryan revealed that the most complicated moments took place at the beginning of the console’s manufacturing, as the process had to be done remotely due to contingency: “It has been difficult, it has been a challenge from the production side , we couldn’t bring anyone to the factories in Asia. Before we started production, we had to do all the camera build preparation remotely. I mean, imagine doing that for a precision device like PlayStation 5. “

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