Jim Ryan denies Sony and PlayStation are distancing themselves from Japan

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Sony and PlayStation have dominated a large part of the video game market in Japan for more than a decade, so the Asian country has for years been one of the most important territories for their projects at a commercial level.

However, over time, the company’s American and European divisions have gained more and more prominence in its global business. A recent report claimed that Sony and PlayStation were losing interest in Japan.

According to the details, the American division would be relegating the Japanese for the promotion of PlayStation 5 and other projects. To this are added internal changes that tip the balance in favor of the western sector of the brand.

However, Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, claimed that the recent tweaks will not Americanize Sony or PlayStation. On the other hand, the creative recently pointed out that the reports about the distance with Japan are imprecise.

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Japan is still key territory for PlayStation, according to Ryan

During a meeting with EDGE magazine (via GamesRadar) Ryan spoke about the importance of Japan for Sony and its entire market, including PlayStation. The manager denied that the company is distancing itself in any way from the Asian country.

Ryan highlighted the importance of Japan for the industry at a general level and highlighted the level of game development in the country. The manager indicated that, years ago, it seemed that the Japanese market would focus mainly on mobile titles.

The trend has changed in the last decade, according to Ryan, as creatives in Japan now have more interest in creating games for consoles. That’s where PlayStation’s relationship with Japanese gamers and developers comes into play.

“Sony’s position is that the Japanese market is still incredibly important to us. We have not been as enthusiastic about the Japanese game development community’s commitment as we are now for many years, “said Ryan.

According to the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the interest of the Japanese in console development became more than evident in the second half of the PlayStation 4 life cycle, as there was a greater commitment from the companies.

Ryan said that this trend is maintained and is increasingly reinforced with the arrival of PlayStation 5, a console that was released in Japan and other countries before other territories. On the other hand, the manager stated that the Japanese games have had an important presence in their most recent presentations.

“Many of those comments are inaccurate, and Japan, as our second largest market and as the heart of Sony, continues to be very important to us,” Ryan said of the reports.

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