Jim Cramer sells part of his Bitcoin holdings to pay off the mortgage

On Thursday, April 15, Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, claimed to have paid his mortgage the day before by selling half of his investment in Bitcoin. We tell you the details!

His investment in Bitcoin allowed him to pay off his mortgage

In this regard, Jim Cramer explained to CNBC that he invested significantly in Bitcoin when it was trading at approximately USD 12,000. And, as many of us know, the price of Bitcoin has found its way to position above $ 60,000.

As a result, Cramer’s investment in Bitcoin returned about 400%, and with it, the CNBC anchor was able to pay off his mortgage.

In this way, Cramer claimed to have sold approximately half of his position to pay off his home debt. Therefore, he now exclaimed owning a home thanks to having invested in Bitcoin.

He also added that it was “like a kind of fake money that he paid with real money.” “I think I won!” Cramer told CNBC.

Will you regret having decreased your position in crypto?

If there is something that Bitcoin has taught the crypto market, it is that it has the ability to increase its valuation in the blink of an eye.

In fact, if we look back, any time you decided to liquidate your Bitcoin position we can now say that it was a bad decision. Why? Well, because Bitcoin has not stopped exceeding historical highs and, therefore, if you had not liquidated your position, you could have enjoyed greater benefits.

However, just as Bitcoin has demonstrated its ability to increase in value, so the crypto market recognizes its volatility.

It is worth mentioning that Jim Cramer has long been one of the most optimistic figures regarding the future of Bitcoin. In fact, Cramer previously claimed to be willing to receive compensation in Bitcoin.

This took place when MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor reported that the company would begin paying non-employee CEOs in Bitcoin instead of cash.

What do you think about Jim Cramer selling his Bitcoin? Have you ever sold part of your position to pay off any debt? Leave us your comment!

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