Jill Biden, first lady of the United States, comes out in defense of her fishnet stockings

The first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, defends her fishnet stockings.

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Each american first lady She has taken a different approach when it comes to the image she projects through her stylistic choices. Michelle Obama opted for young designers to publicize their work internationally and the wardrobe full of exclusive brands from Melania Trump it was interpreted as a sign that he did not care “not connecting” with the American people or, in the worst cases, as a show of disdain for the role he played. Instead, Jill Biden up defended her fishnet stockings.

Unlike its two predecessors, Jill biden He does not have a personal stylist and does not like to talk about his wardrobe, but he does admit that he tries to support emerging talents in the world of fashion. This detail makes her current status as a style icon even more worthwhile, although she does not understand why it generates so much fascination that there is even an Instagram account dedicated to documenting each of her outfits. The first lady of the United States it has become an icon precisely for always wearing different fishnet stockings.

“It is quite surprising, I think, the controversy that can generate what I wear or if I put my hair up with a scrunchie. I have only removed the hair from my face! ”, He confessed in an interview with Vogue Jill Biden, wife of United States President Joe Biden.

Jill biden has given a concrete example of this phenomenon that he does not quite understand: the scandal that caused the fact that last April black mesh stockings, matching an outfit of the same color and high-heeled ankle boots, after a trip aboard Air Force One.

All that story with the stockings… It’s amazing how much attention people pay to every little detail. Y they weren’t fishnet stockings, or lace, they were very nice stockings “, he added.

But looking at the images of when he got off the plane it is more than clear that it was a totally rock outfit. Rarely has a first lady in this way as it has done Jill biden. Without a doubt, it is a rather risky look, but at the same time it stamps a lot of personality. There is no doubt that Jill biden she cares very little what they say about whether she is glamorous or not. If she feels comfortable and if it seems to her that she can represent some sector of society, wonderful. For something, they choose their outfits and very rarely are they the ones who have received some kind of advice.

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