Jhonny González becomes an Independent boxer

Former double Mexican world champion Johnny González has publicly stated that he is an independent boxer after his contract with the Mexican company Promociones del Pueblo.

González expressed it in his own voice in the traditional ¨Coffee Tuesday¨ of the World Boxing Council, including asking for the support of the WBC for his right to step into the ring as his right to work and life.

¨I am an independent boxer. I appreciate everything they did at the time for my career but there was a contract and it had an expiration date in 2018. I need to make the best of my time to achieve a world championship opportunity or at least be able to get in the ring for me and my family. . I ask the WBC for your support in protecting my right as a boxer. ¨

González will turn 40 on September 15 and has not entered the ring since August 2019. He was the WBO bantamweight world champion between 2005-2007 and the WBC featherweight champion between 2011-2015¨

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