The owner of the New York Jets and the United States ambassador to the United Kingdom, Robert Wood Johnson, was subjected to an investigation by the State Department, due to alleged racist and sexist comments.

According to CNN, in 2018, before commemorating Black History Month, the diplomat asked if the audience would be “a lot of black people.”

In addition, he questioned the relevance of said celebration and, allegedly, argued that “black parents do not stay with their families and that is the real challenge.”

According to the international network, the Office of the Inspector General in Great Britain received a report in this regard, so he opened a folder to investigate.

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And from the racist it went to the sexist. It is reported that WoodyAs he is known, he has expressed his preference for working with women, because they are “cheaper and more hard-working” than men.

Even, cited undisclosed sources, there was a time when, to avoid contact with ladies, the businessman held work meetings at a men’s club called White’s, until a member of his team recommended that he stop to avoid a scandal.

To make matters worse, the investigation published by The New York Times a few months ago – in which Johnson was targeted for using his political influence to shore up Donald Trump’s personal interests – was retaken by CNN.

The man who acquired the Jets in 2000 would have sought to convince the British sports authority to carry out The Open, the island’s best golf club, at the Trump Turnberry complex in Scotland.

Until now, that has not happened and the people consulted denied it; however, Mike Woodcock, tournament director, revealed that the ownership of the US president is an option for future editions.