Jesús Molina trusts in Chivas’ ability to eliminate León

From the Editorial Office

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, December 4, 2020, p. a13

Jesús Molina, Chivas midfielder, assured that his team is trained and has full confidence to be crowned champion of the 2020 Guardians tournament of the Liga Mx.

After rescuing the 1-1 draw against superleader León, last Wednesday in the first leg of the semifinals played at the Akron stadium, the rojiblanco team still has hopes of advancing to the final of the tournament.

I see a team that really wants to transcend and even though we are the ones forced to look for the result, the team is trained and has a lot of faith in what it can do. I am fully confident that we are going to trace the result, he declared in an interview with the ChivasTV portal.

Regarding the first leg against the emerald team, the midfielder acknowledged that it was a very difficult game, as we faced a great rival. It is a team of respect and knows what it plays. We, with a lot of unity, solidarity and commitment, matched the game even though they had arrivals.

For this match, the rojiblancos players Alexis Vega, José Juan Macías and Jesús Angulo had dropped due to injury; however, they reappeared on the court and contributed to the draw that left Chivas alive in the tournament.

In this regard, the rojiblanco captain applauded the work and commitment of his teammates. To recognize the effort they are making not to miss these instances. My respects to them because even though they are not 100 percent, they are doing everything on their part to be on the same level as the team, he said. Finally, he considered that the Flock must be very focused on the second leg of the series, which will take place on Saturday at the Nou Camp, to achieve victory and thus advance to the final.

“We have to use our weapons and be forceful, that will be the key. León is a, sorry for the word, a ‘screwed up’ team that is always rotating and generates doubts when it comes to scoring. From the first minute you have to leave very intense, not let them play so easy, it will be very important that we enter concentrated, “he said.