Jesús Martínez leaves the presidency of Pachuca after 25 years

From the Editorial Office

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, December 4, 2020, p. a12

After 25 years in office, Jesús Martínez Patiño made his departure from the presidency of the Tuzos official, to dedicate himself fully to attending to Grupo Pachuca’s business affairs. His place will be taken by his younger brother Armando Martínez, while Martín Peláez will serve as vice president, and Marco Garcés will remain as sports director.

“It was one of the most important decisions of my life, it is not a step to the side, but to the front.

“As president and fan of Tuzo we built an identity that is difficult to match. This way of living life ‘a la Pachuca’ marked us forever, “said the manager in a videoconference held yesterday.

Martínez acquired the Hidalgo team in 1995, which he returned to the First Division of Mexican soccer and with which he won 12 titles: six in the Mx League, five in the Concacaf Champions League and the 2006 South American Cup.

“Without realizing it, we became an institution that made the field bigger and bigger. A growth model was developed that requires more attention, until the moment came when we had too many dreams and we lacked time. I had to do a self-criticism.

“I was three or four times in training with Andrés Fassi. I could no longer do that work, we bring new projects to develop, such as La Esmeralda in León, as well as a psychological center, and I am going to dedicate myself to supervising the new stadium and many more things that we have in mind, both abroad and in the country.

I had the vision of leaving everyone in the place where they belong. I couldn’t do all that work because I have to take the other projects forward, he said.

However, he promised that despite leaving the presidency of the Hidalgo cadre, he will continue to be very aware of the club and that he will even continue to attend the owners’ meetings when his business activities allow it.

From the presidency of Grupo Pachuca I will continue to form projects day and night, invest in Mexico and continue dreaming, he said.

Unchanged, the team’s mission

For his part, Armando Martínez, former president of Mineros de Zacatecas, clarified that under his management the mission of the team will not change.

The philosophy will be the same with which we have worked for the last 25 years. The pillars that support this group are very marked, from sports to social, he pointed out.

In turn, Andrés Fassi, who was the vice president of the Tuzos, will also leave the club to attend a personal project with Talleres de Córdoba, in Argentina.

Meanwhile, the new leadership has already made its first moves at the head of the Hidalgo squad, with the hiring of Argentine players Mauro Quiroga and Matías Catalán for the Clausura 2021 tournament of the Liga Mx.