Jesus Aguilar went to the opposite dugout with Raimel Tapia after making him out

The Venezuelan Jesus Aguilar I was heading to dugout of the Colorado Rockies with Raimel Tapia after making him out in the middle of the game MLB.

Through the game of the Miami Marlins and the Colorado Rockies, Raimel Tapia hit a ground ball at first when Jesus Aguilar he caught him and made him out, however, they came close to having a crash.

Jesus Aguilar and Tapia had a chat with a Latin flavor, the Venezuelan was going aimlessly to dugout of his rival team in the form of a “joke” in the middle of the game of the MLB.

It is not normal for a player to do this, but Aguilar has taken the role of being the most witty and funny player in the dugout of the Miami Marlins, we do not know if something of nature or to try to bring the game in happiness.

Raimel Tapia is another charismatic player who makes relationships with more players from other teams, he is a native of San Pedro, Dominican Republic.

Here the video:

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