Jessica Thivenin can count on her friends as her surgery approaches! Indeed, Manon Marsault gave him valuable advice!

Jessica Thivenin will soon be getting her buttocks over! So the young woman asked advice to her friends. And Manon Marsault did not hesitate to give her some tips to support the pain after the operation. We tell you everything!

Jessisca Thivenin has finally taken the plunge to rebuild her buttocks. Indeed, the young mother has never liked this part of her body. She then decided to have resort to surgery to have a plump butt!

Thibault’s darling does not hesitate tobring up the subject on social networks. The it-girl informs her fans every day about her future operation. But the latter begins to be afraid as D-Day approaches!

Fortunately, Jessica Thivenin can count on her fans and loved ones to support her. Some reality TV candidates have also give advice to properly prepare for the operation.

Manon Marsault did not hesitate to call her friend to tell her about her experience. It must be said that Julien’s darling knows what she’s talking about! And for good reason: she was one of the first reality TV candidates to take the plunge!

Jessica Thivenin soon to be operated: she asks her relatives for advice!

Manon Marsault therefore gave some little tips to Jessica Thivenin. Julien Tanti had fun filming this conversation between girls to post it on Snapchat.

We can then see Manon calling her friend. The latter advises him to buy a pillow »You need it because at night you have to put your butt in it!

Manon continues and adds: “We do not realize to what extent it’s important to be seated in life. Until we had buttocks surgery. Good luck ! “!

Like what, Jessica Thivenin can count on her relatives to support her in this ordeal! What to give him courage for the big day!

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