On his Snapchat account, Jazz (JLC Family) has decided to respond to Jessica Thivenin’s tackles about Chelsea’s birthday!

For some time, Internet users have accused Jessica Thivenin of having tackled Jazz (JLC Family) about her little daughter’s birthday. Indeed, some seem to persuade that she has aimed at the pretty brunette.

It’s been a while since there are big tensions between Jessica Thivenin and Jazz (JLC Family). The latter therefore spoke on social networks this Wednesday September 16.

Jazz (JLC Family) told Jessica Thivenin: “I have nothing to say. I do not understand. Get to the point of criticizing a little girl’s birthday. Say no, but describe in detail the anniversary, it’s a little weird ”.

The young woman also added: “Or, it is still an incredible coincidence. As so often, it’s crazy coincidences. It is all the same coincidences of illness. It was just for tell you that doesn’t bother me“.

Jazz (JLC Family) remains fairly calm in the face of alleged criticism from Jessica Thivenin

She also explained to Jessica Thivenin: “There is nothing to really answer. Except that it’s sad to come to this. Because I tell you honestly, never in my life (…) I couldn’t talk about the children“.

The reality TV candidate has also revealed: “Or stuff that has to do with children. Compare education, dress styles, physique, birthday. I find it small“.

The mom of Chelsea and Cayden also balked: “But it does not matter. My daughter was two years old. Chelsea was happy to have a huge bouncy castle. To have an amusement park in front of the house ”.

Finally, she also concluded: “To have animals, clowns. She was very happy“. It remains to be seen if the pretty blonde will respond on social networks. The war seems to never end between the two young women!

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