On her Snapchat account, the beautiful Jessica Thivenin explained to her subscribers that she had to move everything before her operation!

For the past few days, Jessica Thivenin has only one idea in mind. She can’t wait to rebuild her butt. Indeed, in a short time, the young woman took this a surprising decision to say the least. She prepares everything before her operation.

Not long ago, Jessica Thivenin confided to her fans that she was going to undergo another cosmetic surgery. Indeed, she decided to rebuild the buttocks. She has complexed a lot since she saw herself in the episodes of Marseillais vs. the rest of the world.

Jessica Thivenin has revealed that she has no butt at all. She also explained that the sport did not work for her. So she will do plastic surgery. This Thursday, September 17, the pretty blonde will undergo this operation.

Last weekend, the young woman had an appointment with her surgeon. The latter will take some fat from him to inject it into the hollow of his buttocks. He will also put prostheses to increase the latter.

Jessica Thivenin plans everything before her operation

Jessica Thivenin also explained that she would have a sleeve all over her body. But that’s not all. For almost 45 days, she will not be able to sit down. The darling of Thibault Garcia therefore decided to move everything before D-Day.

This Tuesday, September 15, the reality TV candidate has also confided in her fans. Indeed, she unveiled her week schedule.

On her Snapchat account, Maylone’s mom told her fans: “Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to start moving my things from above to put them from below. I go don’t hit me up the stairs All the time “.

The young woman also added: “With a muscle cut in half and a prosthesis inside it will be difficult to climb the stairs the first days. So suddenly we have days a little busy“.

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