Jessica Parker and Jordan Fisher will be in episode 150 of The Flash

Editing by Nora West-Allen and Jordan Fisher

Episode 150 of “The Flash”, which coincides with chapter 7 × 17. A milestone that must be celebrated and finally the rumor that sounded long ago is confirmed, and it is the participation of the actors Jessica Parker Kennedy Y Jordan fisher in the episode in their respective roles of XS and Impulse.

It was announced some time ago that Jordan Fisher was joining the seventh season of the DC Scarlet Sprinter series to play Bart Allen, and within weeks the appearance of the character along with Impulse and Jay Garrick began to be discussed. Now the Entertainment Weekly medium confirms the information.

According to media sources, that is, it is not official but if EW gives it, it is almost guaranteed, Jessica Parker Kennedy to return to “The Flash” for multiple episodes, including that 150th episode. The medium also confirms Fisher’s participation in that chapter, so that the future daughter of Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) will cross with her future super brother, Bart Allen (Jordan Fisher). At the moment there are no more details about Kennedy’s return.

Nora, also known as XS, was initially introduced in the fourth season of “The Flash” as a mysterious girl who crossed paths with Team Flash. His identity was not revealed until the end of the fourth season. In season five, Nora assisted her parents in their fight against Cicadas (Chris Klein and Sarah Carter) and Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), who actually trained Nora in the future and later manipulated her into time traveling as part of a complicated plan to escape from prison. Unfortunately, Nora was erased from the timeline after defeating both enemies in the season five finale. Given his death, it is up in the air how Nora will return, and even more, if it will be the same version that was known in the series.

Regarding Impulse, the character of Fisher, there are not many details. It is said that “Bart is the fastest teenager on the planet. But due to Bart’s penchant for wildly impulsive behavior, stunned parents Barry and Iris will have their hands full trying to teach their new son patience. But it is a task that they will have to accomplish in order for their family to work together and stop the greatest threat from Team Flash yet. ”

Production on this 150th episode began this week in Vancouver.

Via information | EW