The sulphurous Jessica of Koh-Lanta 2020 has once again been talked about. This time for a huge tattoo on the back

It has been several months since the last edition of Koh-Lanta ended. Claude failed once again in the final but yet, it is not about him that we are going to talk about. Indeed, this time it’s Jessica who just made the buzz.

But why is the sublime brunette still talked about? Is this a hot bikini pic as has already been the case? No, not quite. Although we are going to talk about his body one more time.

Indeed, the Koh-Lanta candidate has decided to get a new tattoo. Fans of this one already know she stays passionate about drawings on the skin. That’s why she decided to make a new one.

A rendering that you will also be able to observe below in this article. Because yes, the pretty brunette decided to share your new tatoo with his fans.

We therefore invite you to find out below to know what you think of the drawing made by the candidate of Koh-Lanta.

Jessica (Koh-Lanta 2020) gets a huge tattoo on her back!

Jessica Koh-Lanta tattoo 2020

So yes, we may have abused it by using the term “huge”. Nevertheless cute brunette’s new tattoo still takes her entire back. Despite everything, we are still far from the enormous drawing that Charles Vassal made several years ago.

The Koh-Lanta candidate, opting for a more “sober” and more elaborate tattoo. Multiple symbols lying all along its spine. Although we do not know all the meanings, we can see a lotus among the larger designs.

Fans of tattoos know that the flower often represents rebirth. It remains to be seen if Jessica did it for the same meaning or if it was another reason.

In all cases, it is clear that the realization turns out to be perfect and that we validate the rendering. It remains to be seen if the fans of the Koh-Lanta candidate think the same.

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