Jessica Carrillo, current host of Al Rojo Vivo, admits that she has never wanted to be like María Celeste

Jessica Carillo is the current host of Al Rojo Vivo. Program that not only led Maria Celeste Arrarás from day one, but it was also his creation. Following her firing last year, much was said about the potential driver who would take her place. It is known that the first intention of the production was for Myrka Dellanos, a friend of Arrarás, to take his place. However, this being faithful to their friendship of years refused.

Then came the journalist Rebecca Smith. Unfortunately it seems that the public did not manage to adapt to her as a star of the program. Reason why Telemundo placed Antonio Texeira and Jessica Carrillo as stellar hosts of the same. The fact that Carillo was the host of Al Rojo Vivo did not seem to upset the public. Especially since during María Celeste’s departure process and Rebecca’s arrival, she was on her maternity leave. His image was not involved with all the criticism that hit the chain, given the wave of dismissals that occurred.

It must be taken into account that any driver who once occupied the seat of María Celeste would receive a lot of criticism and would be the victim of harsh comparisons. Jessica Carrillo spoke about this recently, highlighting in her own words that she has never wanted to be like María Celeste Arrarás.

Carrillo’s literal words were expressed in interviews with Lourdes Stephen and he said: “She is unique, unrepeatable, irreplaceable and I am my own version, so I never wanted to be like her, I have never wanted to be like her, I have wanted to be my version, my best version.” The journalist was clear that the comparisons would appear, but she also took the task of mentalizing that she would be the best version of herself, so she told Lourdes that there is no comparison between María Celeste Arrarás and her.

“There is no comparison because she is her and I am me. I was going to give this new era of Al Rojo Vivo the best version of me, that was always my mentality, “he explained.

Here you can see Jessica Carrillo’s full interview with Lourdes Stephen, host of the Univision program “Sal y Pimienta”. The YouTube video is named: “Jessica Carrillo: red hot: From mourning to discrimination.”

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