In the last minutes of the last episode of The Last Dance Michael Jordan He comments that what he most regrets about that year 1998 is that they did not give the champion team the opportunity to have gone for the seventh ring. That they did not renew in block the staff to try the feat of the seventh. It is something that MJ has nailed since then.

These statements have hurt the owner of the Chicago Bulls, Jerry reinsdorf, who comments that Jordan was aware that this was really the last dance and that there was no possibility of renewing the squad or creating a team to fight for the ring for the following campaign:

“How is that possible? He knew perfectly well. Michael and I had several private conversations at that time and I don’t want to go into detail. But there is no doubt that in Michael’s mind the idea that we couldn’t get gather a champion team for the next season. ”

Of course, the former head of MJ still thinks he is the best ever:

“It is history. It is fascinating. Michael is the best of all time, of that there is no doubt. In my mind, and in the mind of anyone who wants to compare Michael to LeBron James, I am going to ask you please not to make me lose the time. They are not even close. You can compare LeBron with Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson. Michael is far above the rest as seen in the documentary. It was a phenomenon. Normally, we will never see anyone like the”.