Jerry krause It was a fundamental piece for the dynasty of the Chicago Bulls during the 90’s it happened. That is out of the question, since he was the executive in charge throughout the period and within his positive decisions, the elections of Scottie Pippen and Toni Kukoc in the draft, the signing of Dennis Rodman and the appointment of Phil Jackson as coach.

However, with the first two chapters of “The Last Dance” broadcast, if there was a coincidence among all the players, coaches and others close to the franchise, it was that they all spoke ill of Krause. Perhaps the most hated person by Michael Jordan within the Bulls, he emerged as the unanimous villain, for his excessive ego and for pronouncing the famous phrase “organizations win championships”, taking credit from the players who won the only six titles in history of the Bulls.

The truth is that despite the hatred that aroused in everyone involved, there were many positive decisions by Krause during that period. To those mentioned above, it is worth remembering that Krause was the one in charge since 1985 and that he was the architect of the team, managing to retain Jordan on multiple occasions and knowing how to work with the owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who was his main defender at the time.

Despite his successes, it is clear that Krause was not the one who won the rings on his own, but that a great coach directing a great group of players, where he highlighted the best of all time, were the architects on the track so that the vision of the GM will take shape. Without being able to defend himself against the accusations in the documentary for his death in 2017 and listening to part of the story, it is difficult to decide whether he was a hero or the villain of the Bulls. The only certainty is that it was a fundamental part of one of the largest dynasties in history.