Jérémy Mathieu falsified a contract to avoid reaching FC Barcelona

The former French defender Jérémy Mathieu admitted this Sunday that he never wanted to leave the Valencia and sign for Barcelona, ​​but noted that he left his old team because he did not receive a satisfactory counter offer.

“I didn’t want to go to Barça. When the club called me (in 2014), I was captain in Valencia, I liked my life there and I asked myself: Am I going to warm up the bench in Barcelona?”, He said in an interview in the sports newspaper French L’Équipe.

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When he received the Blaugrana contract, he drew up a new one, with a salary halfway between what he had at that time and the one offered by the Catalans.

“I showed that fake contract to the Valencia sports director and said: ‘If you give me this, I’ll stay,” he recalled. Francisco Rufete replied that “it shouldn’t be a problem,” but when they called together President Amadeo Salvo, the latter refused.

Mathieu, 37, added that he realized he was not counted on and went to Barça, where he played until 2017, before going to Sporting de Portugal. His most embarrassing sporting moment, he claims, is the goal he scored with Barça in a match against Villarreal on March 20, 2016, which ended in a draw at two.

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“In a corner, I did not see the ball arrive, which bounced off my chest and entered our goal. Later, all the Spanish journalists crushed me, as if I had done it on purpose,” he says.

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