Jeopardy! Mentions Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Past Romance

“Ain’t It Funny” when Jeopardy! is right on the money ?!

On Friday, May 14, fans were delighted to see a very timely pop culture reference on the long-running game show. The first clue of Friday’s episode, which was filmed in advance of airing, mentioned Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck‘s romance in the early aughts.

“As a couple, they were jointly known as ‘Bennifer,'” a message displayed onscreen, per a Twitter user who captured the moment and posted it online.

What’s more? During Double Jeopardy, there was an entire category dedicated to — wait for it — Montana.

Naturally, fans went wild over the timing of both the duo’s past relationship and the state, especially considering Ben and J.Lo recently enjoyed a romantic getaway in Montana. At the time, a source told E! News, “They were alone … just the two of them.”

As one Twitter user commented on the Jeopardy! clue, “Excuse me but Jeopardy (filmed weeks in advance) manifested Bennifer 2021 AND their getaway to Montana with the clues that aired tonight !!!”

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