Jensen Ackles’ eye-catching makeover for ‘the Boys’ season 3

From the handsome Dean Winchester to ‘My name is Earl’ extra. Jensen Ackles posted on his Instagram profile a photo on the set of ‘The Boys’ that shows how he will probably appear in the following season. This is the physical change of the actor to play Soldier Boy.

The most prominent points in the photo are the actor’s beard and hair, which make him look much more “silly” than the actor is used to. This is related to the role it plays Soldier Boy in the comics, since it is a character completely subordinate to Patriot. However, in the original material it is completely shaved, so this would be a new free adaptation of the creators, who already repeated strategy with the Stormfront character sex change.

The first superhero

Soldier Boy is a vought superhero with great resemblance to Marvel’s Captain America. He fought in World War II and became an American celebrity and cultural pillar for decades. It is the payback leader, a team of superheroes inferior (and previous) to the Seven that will accompany him in this new season. The showrunner defined them as “the Seven before the Seven”, and their incorporation will serve as a pretext to talk about the history of the United States.

The Payback group is a parody of the Avengers, and in the comics it is made up of Tek Knight (Iron Man), Stormfront (Thor), Swatto (Ant-Man), Mind-Droid (Vision), Crimson Countess (Scarlet Witch) and Eagle the Archer (Hawkeye) .

Eric Kripke is showrunner and executive producer of the series, who is also the creator of ‘Supernatural’ so this incorporation will mean a reunion between the two. “As Soldier Boy, the first superhero, he will bring a lot of humor, pathos and danger to the role. I’m looking forward to getting back on set with him and bringing a little ‘Supernatural’ to ‘The Boys,'” Kriple said of the character.

The third season has no release date yet, but we know that the first episode will be titled ‘Payback’, written by Craig Rosenberg.

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