Jennifer Lopez’s Fortune: Her Various Engagement Rings

Jennifer Lopez’s Fortune: Her Various Engagement Rings | INSTAGRAM

This weekend, intense rumors about his separation from the former player Alex Rodriguez placed the spotlight on the private life of Jennifer López, both denied in a joint statement that their engagement in 2019 has been canceled, but it remains to be seen if Rodríguez will become the fourth husband by JLo.

But because of the statement they launched stating that they stay better related by being just friends, and that, for the good of their businesses and children together, it is best that they be related only in this way.

Because of this alleged separation of different media in USA and even Mexicans, have remembered the relationships that the artist and businesswoman has had in the past, this iconic woman has been engaged 5 times, and these jewels are really valued together at a huge amount of money.

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This is how this iconic woman has in her possession a engagement ring for each finger is his hand, one in particular being one of the best valued in the world of international entertainment.

It is worth mentioning that the first marriage of JLo, it was a little before she became famous thanks to the hit movie “Selena”, with Ojani Noa, who proposed to her with a diamond valued at 100,000 dollars, they were married in February 1997 and divorced 11 months later.

That union has brought numerous legal problems to JLo, who sued his ex in 2006 and prevented him from publishing a book about the relationship they had maintained, in fact, even today he is still in dispute with him for his intentions to disclose a video of their honeymoon.

In 2001, López married the dancer Cris Judd, who appears in his music video “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, the engagement ring, with an emerald stone, was worth approximately one million dollars and this marriage lasted only 9 months.

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Likewise, it is necessary to mention that one of the most publicized relationships of Lopez was the one he had with actor Ben Affleck between 2002 and 2004, actually, the American press barely gave space to the famous couple.

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Affleck, gave her a 6.10 carat Harry Winston rose diamond ring, which cost 2 and a half million dollars, even until a few months ago, in an interview last year, the businesswoman commented that she loved this jewel in particular.

JLo’s longest marriage to date was with Marc Anthony, also a New Yorker and renowned singer, who is the father of her twins, Emme and Max, the famous man proposed to her with a huge 8.5-carat blue diamond ring worth about $ 4 million.

The 2004 wedding ended in divorce 10 years later, but in reality the two famous characters get along quite well despite what happened.

Now, the star of the New York Yankees and JLo, began their relationship in 2017, it was only two years later, he gave her the 18-karat engagement ring that cost her 1.8 million dollars.

Last year, López regretted that the global health situation forced them to postpone the wedding, which is now on the air, after the couple admitted in a statement that they are looking to solve some problems.

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And although to this day they have not married, they share real estate and commercial partnerships that should be divided if they separate, including a 32.5 million dollar residence in Miami Beach, the future of this couple is still uncertain, however, you We will keep abreast of all the information.

With this, we can conclude that his fortune in engagement rings is valued at approximately 8 million dollars, whoever was Jennifer Lopez.