Jennifer Lopez Throughout her career she has stood out thanks to her beauty and talent and, is that this 50-year-old woman, in addition to being a singer, an actress, a dancer and a lover of sports, in recent years has worked hard on her body, maintaining a healthy diet where he is often seen exercising.

Her strictest consistency in exercise was when she played « Ramona » in the hit movie « Swindlers on Wall Streeet », however, even JLO He continues with this routine to continue looking radiant as he is at his age, even, many claim that he looks better than before.

In the image below we see an incredible postcard of the Bronx diva, with a low-cut dress and discovered below, to better appreciate the muscles of her fortified and well-worked legs.

JLO It has always been characterized by having a dreamy body, but everything indicates that now is when it has become more inclined to the “Fitness” life, which incidentally, looks great on it.

Jennifer, after playing Ramona, she will seek to incarnate in Griselda Blanco, a new project with which she will soon surprise us.