Jennifer Lopez wears black outfits that enhance her figure


Jennifer Lopez at the MET gala in 2018 | AFP

One of his nicknames is JLo (AP)

One of her nicknames is JLo | AP

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is her full name (AFP)

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is her full name | AFP

While the singer and actress from Hollywood Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the rich weather on the beach, shared several photos posing with different outfits in black.

As you well know, the beautiful celebrity from the United States with Latin descent from the island of Costa Rica always tends to share creative and eye-catching content for her followers, on Instagram alone she has more than 149 million, a figure that has increased by approximately 2 days ago. million more.

For 35 years Jennifer Lopez He has become one of the stars of entertainment with the greatest recognition in the industry, he is the only personality in the medium of both film and music to have a record that until now no one has managed to overcome.

Maybe you remember his movie “The Wedding Planner“in 2001 and with his second album titled”JLo“The singer had both projects at number one during the first week of launch, she became the first artist to achieve a Guinness record that no one has been able to take away from her so far.

The impressive thing is that the interpreter of “Love don´t cost a thing“Not only did she focus on her music and movies, but she decided to grow even more, that is how Jennifer Lopez decided to become a true businesswoman, so she is not only a star but an entrepreneurial woman who takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. as a business.

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It does not take away with all the professional and personal success, thanks to her accumulated success over the years the businesswoman also became a professional model, it could be said that practically millions of photographs have been taken.

So it is not for nothing that JLo is already a professional in the world of modeling and knows her best angles to perfection, precisely for this reason when she carries out advertising campaigns it could be said that she is the one who takes the reins of production in terms of her photos .

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Something that has also characterized her is that her projects tend to be shared on Instagram by this application that to this day is one of the most used by Internet users, so the greater number of followers you have your popularity and desire of other companies to collaborate with you they will be even greater.

The same thing happened days ago with the singer, she had a collaboration where she shared impressive Photos wearing various black outfits while on the beach.

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The snapshots were about a collaboration with the magazine “In Style Magazine”, she has been taking photos for this important medium for a long time, for three days she shared three publications with the protagonist of the note.

The album that contains five photographs has more than 1,700,000 red hearts, in terms of comments they amount to more than 14,000.

In all the images Jennifer Lynn Lopez (full name of the actress) looks really radiant, with a spectacular smile that could easily make anyone fall in love thanks to the fact that she looks so natural.

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Despite the fact that the concept of a black suit was the most striking, it was accompanied by some details, in the first image we see her with a shirt on top that is a little open revealing the interior, this is repeated in the second image but with another pose.

In the second image she appears without the shirt wearing only the full bodysuit which by the way is strapless, in the fourth image she wears another full bodysuit but with long sleeves and a wide five, to end this impressive session in the last photo she was wearing a dress long sleeveless while in the sea.