Jennifer Lopez wants to spend time with Affleck

They assure that Jennifer Lopez wants to spend time with Affleck | AFP

Definitely the nickname “Bennifer“It has become a trend for a few days, thanks to the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck, who had a relationship 17 years ago, it could be that the singer wants to return with him, as a close source affirms that it is she who wants to spend more time with the current interpreter of Batman in DC Comics.

From 2002 to 2004 the word “Bennifer” was a constant trend in the tabloids, because both were the couple of the moment, practically perfect in the eyes of the public and perhaps the occasional celebrity who celebrated their courtship.

In case you did not know, the couple decided to end their relationship because the actor was overwhelmed by so much communication media, his career had begun to be the most popular, he was one of the most sought after personalities, then adding his relationship with Jennifer Lopez who like him at that time was at the peak of his career.

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However apparently Ben Affleck was suddenly overwhelmed by so much attention, so he and the interpreter of “Jenny From The Block“They decided to end their relationship, in fact in the official video of this song he appears with his girlfriend as the protagonist.

At the end of their relationship, because they were also about to get married, the couple did not end in bad terms so they became friends because they often had contact perhaps by phone because they had not been seen together until their relationship with him ended. Alex Rodriguez.

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Immediately since they saw them together on several occasions, because it was said that he visited her at her home and later they were seen again together in Montana, Helena, United States where Affleck is said to have a residence.

Fans of both celebrities began to celebrate this possible union and recently the portal “Encancha” revealed that a source close to the singer does not rule out having a relationship with the actor and that she would like to spend more time with him.

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In the event that some netizens who are fans of both find out that JLo You could seriously think about having a relationship with your ex-boyfriend again after 17 years, they will be more than delighted, this because many have immediately made several memes, about the opportunity that a woman has to be able to return with a partner even if so much time has passed.

According to the aforementioned source, the actress and businesswoman wants to spend more time with the actor to see where he could take them, although they were a couple, 17 years have passed and many people change over time, in her case it seems that both have improved. They are loving and successful parents in their respective areas of work, it could be said that they have matured quite a bit and already know what they want.

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It seems that the contact of the portal had been interviewed by People magazine where he assured that the new “meeting” between the stars had been something too fast, but that Lopez was very happy, perhaps because they are reliving the past and telling with the present and what they have experienced after so many years.

As both did not end their relationship badly in January 2004, the possibility of love arising again in both is latent minute by minute and is something really exciting, it seems a story that had only happened in the movies, but that we do remember that the Most movies are based on true stories, making it even more exciting.

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