Jennifer Lopez turns 52, with a dream figure!


This July 24 turns 52 years old | .

JLo has a career of more than 35 years (AFP)

JLo has a career of more than 35 years | .

The singer has only two twin children (EFE)

The singer has only two twin children | .

2018 MET Museum Costume Institute Benefit Gala (AFP)

2018 MET Museum Costume Institute Benefit Gala | .

Ben Affleck was celebrating his birthday with the actress (AFP)

Ben Affleck was celebrating his birthday with the actress | .

The singer and actriz born in the Bronxs Jennifer Lopez shared new photos on her official Instagram account where she is celebrating her 52 springs, this July 24 the Bronxs diva is celebrating her birthday with one of her smallest swimsuits ever worn.

The special thing was not only showing us her beauty, but that she was very well accompanied by her boyfriend Ben affleck, in one of the images.

Obviously the singer interpreter of “On The Floor“She knows perfectly well that her figure is an icon of Latin beauty, thanks to her curves, music and performance she has become a celebrity of show business.

Notably Jennifer Lopez He has been in the artistic environment for more than 35 years, his career is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and constant in the entire market.

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On this occasion he decided to give his fans some beautiful photos where he appears showing the best that his career has left him and especially the exercise, his exquisite figure, which for years has remained perfect and everything in its place, especially its enormous later charms which could be considered as its characteristic hallmark.

Just 20 minutes ago he decided to share this new photo on his official Instagram account, “51 what it do” wrote JLo in his description, surely referring to his tremendous figure at his age taking advantage of this tiny swimsuit.

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Her swimsuit, in addition to being extremely small and having some straps to fasten, is black with an orange pattern, in addition to these two micro garments, she also wears a transparent kimono which she only wears on her arms, it seems that she barely I was going to put it, this one has a beautiful pattern of flowers and mandalas, in pink, yellow and brown colors.


To complete her outfit, the singer and businesswoman was wearing a short hat and some necklaces, it was in the last photo of this “collection” where she is celebrating her 52nd birthday on a striking and luxurious yacht.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck posed for the photo while kissing, although it is possible that because of the way they were kissing very concentrated with each other, so we could also consider that they had not realized that they were taking the photo.

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This publication already has more than one million 200 thousand reproductions in addition to 28.7 thousand comments where they are congratulating her and sending her many blessings, especially because she herself made her relationship with the famous Hollywood actor official, who is undoubtedly super in love her.

They have been seeing them together for a couple of months, after his relationship with the former player ended Alex Rodriguez Also known as A Rod, some netizens believed that JLo and Affleck would resume their engagement and that on July 24 the actor would propose to the actress again.

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In addition to this micro photoshoot the interpreter of ” I’m Real“He also shared a video that Affleck himself was filming, referencing that it looked spectacular.

Bennifer He is back and his fans could not be happier, it seems that he had already planned to show off his relationship in a formal way on a special date like this, being one of the favorite couples of Internet users whether they get married or not, they will continue to be for much longer than that, it’s something they’ve earned and the public loves.

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