Jennifer López: the cruel criticism she received for showing that she is aging | Instagram photo

Definitely, Jennifer Lopez is one of the prettiest celebrities in the middle of the show. At 50 years old, he maintains an enviable figure. However, people are not happy with anything and this time the wave of the cruel criticism he received for showing that he is aging.

The truth is that Jennifer López is a disciplined woman when it comes to exercising to maintain her physique. In fact, he likes to practice different activities like boxing, pilates and dancing. Also, he always takes advantage of his social networks to invite his fans to do physical activity.

Jennifer López: the cruel criticism she received

Although Jennifer Lopez, She is one of the most beloved celebrities, because, on Instagram alone, she has 121 million followers, this time she was criticized by the Latino public. After she uploaded an image in which she posed in front of the mirror, quite exhausted by her routine.

Without glamor, disheveled, with the evident sweat and staring at the camera, Jennifer Lopez it was very natural. Her rosy cheeks are proof of her tired repetitions.

But, the cruel comments on the Suelta la Sopa page, were immediate.

In the comments they emphasized that Jennifer Lopez, She spends too much time looking perfect instead of spending time with her family. In addition, they compared her to another famous person and even mocked that no matter how much money a person has, that will not keep her young for life.

So much vanity is this lady better to spend more time with her children

But Jlo looks like Canelo in that photo

I am sorry being a millionaire does not keep you young because look how old she is