Jennifer López takes to the streets with a Ben Affleck shirt, this is how she said goodbye to Miami and A Rod

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be a fait accompli. Many are waiting to see a photograph where they appear giving each other the craving for a kiss that eliminates any doubt. However, many others consider that this is no longer necessary. A few hours ago the actor was captured in Las Vegas with JLo’s mother enjoying a night at the casinos. And then the paparazzi have seen the “Diva of the Bronx” wearing nothing more and nothing less than one of the famous film director’s shirts.

Here are the photographs that are going around the world.

Wearing this shirt Jennifer López left the city of Miami, and JLo has already landed in Los Angeles with her children Max and Emme. Everything seems to indicate that the move has concluded and the city in which he lived so many things with A Rod is already part of his past and not of his future. The singer said goodbye to Miami wearing the shirt of her lover and thus she has probably returned to leave a message to all those who continue to doubt her relationship with Ben. And it is that JLo is not playing.

Friends close to her assure that now that things are completely serious with Affleck, she spoke with him about the harassment of the paparazzi and Ben has it assimilated. He is now 48 years old, she is over 50. They are no longer just a couple of youngsters playing love. They both have a past together and many more experiences that seem to have given them enough maturity to resume their love and build a family together.

It is also known that Jennifer López returned to Miami just for work and has been there recording a new music video with rapper Rauw Alejandro.

Jennifer Lopez said goodbye to Miami working

Jennifer López and Puerto Rican rapper Rauw Alejandro shot scenes for a duo video clip on the popular Espanola Way street and other iconic places in Miami Beach on Wednesday, of which no further details were disclosed, according to ..

Filming began yesterday Tuesday afternoon and ended early today on Española Way, where the New York actress, singer and producer posed for a photograph with police officers, the Public Relations company DeepSleep Studio reported today.

Although the title of the video clip with Rauw Alejandro has not transpired so far, the filming permit from the city of Miami Beach was granted under the name “Avanza”.

JLo was beaming and energetic even though the shoot took more than nine hours, publicists reported. The actress and producer seems to be saying goodbye to Miami, which has been her residence lately, to return to Hollywood.

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