Jennifer Lopez says Ben Affleck was the first man to break her heart

Jennifer Lopez says that Ben Affleck was the first man who broke her heart, 17 years ago when days before the wedding he left her dressed and in an uproar and had to go to console herself in the arms of Marc Anthony.

This confession, which you can read in detail in his book ‘True Love’, was made to him to María Elena Salinas in an interview that she gave exclusively for ‘Here and Now’, the show he hosted on Univision with Teresa Rodríguez.

“You say that when you broke up with Ben Affleck, is it the first time they broke your heart?” María Elena said to which JLo replied.

That was the great heartbreaker for me, it’s true, I’m not ashamed to say it“He told Salinas, and clarified that it was very hard for everything to end a few days before the wedding …” You can imagine.

In the same interview, Jennifer told her that took refuge in Marc Anthony, who was always his friend, the issue is that 4 months after that breakup that broke her heart, she was marrying whoever was comforting her.

There is no person on earth who makes me laugh like him … We were always friends and when that thing happened (the break up with Affleck) he was there for meJennifer told him of Marc.

However, that marriage did not prosper, and although she told him that the two tried to save him, especially for the children, because they did not want them to suffer, and because she had dreamed that they would be her family for life, it was impossible.

In that same interview with María Elena Salinas, Lopez discussed her relationship with Casper Smart, who is currently one of the jurors for ‘Look Who Baila All Stars’. The journalist asked him if he was at that time as his lifeline.

“Yes absolutely, It gave me hope that I could dance again, I could love again, I could feel not so sad, because at that moment I was sad, I was a good friend“, Said the actress.

Beyond the list of relationships that he named in 2014 in that interview, which was later joined by a couple more, the most important perhaps Alex Rodríguez, Jennifer, as he confessed to Oscar Petit from ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ She does not know how to be alone and, everything indicates that, although she does not confirm it yet that she decided to return to the known: Ben Affleck.


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