Jennifer Lopez regains happiness and smile with Ben Affleck: captured in Beverly Hills

They reveal details of how the alleged reconciliation between Jennifer López and Ben Affleck began.

Photo: Ramey Photo Agency. / Grosby Group

Jennifer López is a happy and in love woman. The paparazzi are following her everywhere and it is that at the moment she is in Los Angeles and after the rumor spread that Ben affleck he could ask her to marry her very soon, everyone is on the hunt for being able to see the new engagement ring that will adorn her hand.

It is also true that there are others who assure that they no longer want to live a long commitment, and that it is possible that they will marry very soon, with or without a ring. Before they could be harassed by the press and annoyed by so much attention, but today they really seem specialists in ignoring them. And they are enjoying their relationship everywhere, they do not hide, they do not cover themselves, they do not sneak away. JLo and Ben are happy in front of everyone, no matter who sees it or not.

They were recently caught in Beverly Hills, and Jennifer Lopez not only shone but also dazzled everyone with a tremendous smile.

JLo at work

I recently announced the arrival of “Cambia El Paso” on Instagram. He gave his fans a taste of what his new song will be. Some say that here he will narrate or expose everything that happened with A Rod, for the end of their relationship. Along with the video in her IG post, she wrote: “Now it’s her turn … drink the bottle … and have fun … and it goes like this ✨ # CambiaElPaso”

As an actress she celebrates her arrival on Netflix. The “Diva from the Bronx” signed a global collaboration agreement with Netflix. He will star in the science fiction movie “Atlas” for this digital giant. The Deadline portal said on Tuesday that Brad Peyton, the director of “San Andreas” (2015), will be in charge of this film, according to ..

“Atlas” will revolve around a woman (Jennifer López) who, in the future, must fight a soldier with artificial intelligence who tries to destroy humanity. This film is part of the agreement that López and his company Nuyorican Productions signed with Netflix to produce different audiovisual content.

In addition to “Atlas”, it is already known that López and Netflix have two projects underway: the action thriller “The Mother”, directed by Niki Caro (“Mulan”, 2020); and the film “The Cipher”, which will adapt the novel by Isabella Maldonado.

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