Jennifer López has a problem: Alex Rodríguez is not willing to lose her and Ben Affleck could give the fight

It seems that Alex Rodríguez is not willing to let Jennifer López go, Unlike. The former Yankees player may not be giving interviews or clear statements about his current love life, but you don’t have to be a fortune teller to understand how little he has said lately. In recent hours before the press A Rod launched a sports exclamation in which he practically threw a hooray for the Yankees, this he did in front of the paparazzi who were avid and waiting for some reaction from the ex of the “Bronx Diva”.

Everyone knows that Rodríguez was one of the great stars of the Yankees. While Ben Affleck, originally from Boston, is undoubtedly a loyal fan and follower of the Boston Red Sox. So A Rod’s last words seem to be a clear warning to Affleck, where apparently he could be implying that he will give the fight, that if this is a game, the meeting between the Yankees and the Red Sox is not over yet. . This could be a problem for JLo who for the first time the singer would see herself in this embroiled in which clearly two Hollywood men would be disputing her love.

The romantic getaway that JLo and Ben have lived could have made Alex react, and they say that this apparent new relationship has not sat well with him, but the fans are on the side of the “Diva”, since for a long time it was said that the businessman was unfaithful to the singer, not one, not two, but several times.

Today, images have come to light in which you can see how the singer and the Oscar winner went to Montana together. All this stopped being a rumor to become a reality.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were caught on their intimate journey.  / The Grosby GroupJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were caught on their intimate journey. / The Grosby Group

The sadness and anger of Alex Rodríguez so far does not seem to have any effect on JLo, and his eternal smile could not be not giving him results with what until a few months ago was his fiancee. What will Rod do to get JLo back?

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