Jennifer Lopez appears “al natural”, to promote a perfume

Jennifer Lopez appears

Jennifer Lopez appears “al natural”, to promote a perfume | .

It seems to appear “natural“Nowadays it is something extremely common, the singer Jennifer Lopez He has joined this “fashion” after he decided to promote his new fragrance in the most striking way possible, posing without any garment!

Jennifer Lynn Lopez Rodríguez full name of the celebrity from the United States and Puerto Rico internationally known as Jennifer Lopez o Jlo showed that despite her age she continues to be a queen of fitness, thanks to the exercise she practices every day, she maintains an enviable figure that many young girls younger than her would like to have.

Besides being a successful singer and actress Jennifer Lopez She has also become a great businesswoman, not only with fragrances, surely you know that this is not the first that she has decided to launch, she started in the world of perfumery since 2003 and has launched several versions that surely one could adapt to your liking, we present them to you:

Glow by J.Lo Still Miami Glow by J.Lo Live by Jennifer Lopez Love at First Glow by J.Lo Live Luxe Glow After Dark Love & Glamor New Fragrance Love and Light Eau the Glow Glowing Forever Glowing JLove Glowing Goddess Wild Glow JLuxe Dark Wood

Of this list you may not know several because some were limited editions so they left the market quickly, in the cover image where it appears Jennifer Lopez sitting, she is wearing a tanned figure and her hair looks as if it had just been wet, it is evident that she is not wearing clothes, also she is behind a kind of golden ring.

It was through a photograph that was leaked on Twitter where said snapshot and the figure of JLo can be clearly appreciated.


@JLo has just released his new fragrance called #Glowing, and for the promotion, he did a photoshoot at d3snudo, “they wrote in the post.

If you can notice on the list that we just shared the fragrance “Glowing” was launched a long time ago, in fact in 2012, this fragrance It was aimed at women, if you are a fan of fragrances you may be interested in knowing a little about the Glowing olfactory family.

The Top Notes are: cypress, bergamot and mandarin The Heart Notes are: lily of the valley, violet, cassia and African orange blossom The Base Notes are: sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, musk, patchouli and amber

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In addition to the various perfumes that he decided to launch since 2003 Jennifer Lopez It also has an extensive line of clothing as well as shoes, in Mexico it became a success due to the affordable prices and the fact that we can buy them in a well-known store throughout the country.

Jennifer Lopez began her career from 1986 until today she has not stopped for a single moment, perhaps without exaggerating a little, only when she became the mother of her twins is when she took a break, however it could be said that it was only a short time because he immediately began to appear on stage.

The also called Diva from the Bronx has become quite a personality around the world, whether on television with her long list of participation in films, collaborations in music, her individual work or as a businesswoman continues to impress a little who she knows or is illustrated about its history.

Without a doubt Jennifer Lopez will continue to surprise us for many years to come, whether with her music, products and appearances in movies and television series, it will surely be a pleasure to continue to know about her.

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