Jennifer López and Ben Affleck went to Universal Studios and along with them they also took their children

They reveal details of how the alleged reconciliation between Jennifer López and Ben Affleck began.

Photo: Ramey Photo Agency. / Grosby Group

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are living a true romance and this one is quite serious, since they have put their children to share. The couple enjoyed a few hours of fun at Universal Studios in Hollywood and with them were Samuel, son of Ben and the twins, Max and Emme, children of JLo and Marc Anthony.

Laughter, complicity and a lot of fun is what the fans and paparazzi managed to capture from this family outing. Both Ben and JLo were aware of their children, so they did not abandon each other as a couple. On the contrary, they were very happy and smiling at all times. Even though they have been apart for about 20 years, it seems that they have never really been apart.

They are so intertwined and so happy that for this reason there are many who believe that before seeing an engagement ring, the public will find out, from one day to the next, that they are indeed already married. Speculation is the order of the day.

Recently, in the midst of all the happiness of Jennifer López, the name of Alex Rodríguez resurfaced. All because the Bronx diva went to the party of a friend, her voice coach, and A Rod was hoping to receive an invitation to the same event. This never came. Some have asked the former player to overcome and forget the “Diva of the Bronx”, especially since there are many who continue to think that he is abandoned to his fate, since he is guilty or responsible for the break, since it was Unfaithful to the one who was his partner for four years, as well as being engaged in marriage.

Here is the post in which A Rod asked about his invitation to the party. “Don’t get dressed, you’re not going,” some have told him. But others are telling him that now he sits down to wait for invitations from relatives, friends or connections that Madison LeCroy may have, the celebrity with whom he allegedly cheated on JLo.

And it is necessary to remember that even when A Rod is a “famous” man recognized in the United States, many place him as having been a star of the Yankees. However, Jennifer López is world renowned, has more than 160 million followers on Instagram, while Alex has only 4 million followers. Ben Affleck anticipates it, by little, since he owns 4.7 million followers in said social network.

And for now this is what the public remembers Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck when they were a couple. And this is what they want to see again.

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