Jennifer Lawrence decided to take her clothes off for a magazine!

Jennifer Lawrence decided to take off her clothes for a magazine! (AP)

Jennifer Lawrence decided to take her clothes off for a magazine! | AP

One of the most recognized American actresses in all of Hollywood has once again captivated her followers and readers of an important women’s magazine in which she decided to appear without any garment, Jennifer Lawrence has managed to get everyone’s attention again.

It was for Vanity Fair magazine in which Jennifer Lawrence decided to show her natural skin, it is perhaps one of the most intense photo shoots she had ever taken.

The protagonist of the film “The Hunger Games” has managed to become a Hollywood celebrity thanks to the characters she has played and the projects in which she has participated since she began her film career.

Something that has characterized her a lot is the treatment with her followers, who despite being millions, it is said that she does not like to talk with strange people so it makes her a bit uncomfortable that a fan comes to want to greet her “as if he knew her “She mentioned this in one of the many interviews in which she has participated, however she continues to be much loved.

Jennifer Lawrence She is also one of the few Hollywood stars who does not have an account on the Instagram application, perhaps that social networks is not for her, she would surely end up getting angry when she receives millions of messages from her fans, there are those who say that It has a very special character, which should not be criticized for the fact that each person is different and not everyone does not like contact with other people.

It was approximately five years ago that Vanity Fair magazine shared on its official Instagram account an image where it appears Jennifer Lawrence for the March edition where he was seen completely natural.

It is normal for any celebrity of the stature of the actress that several companies or magazines want to collaborate with her, for the simple fact that the name is complete publicity, nowadays in any place where the image of a celebrity appears immediately it becomes a trend.

At the time that the renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier decided to take these captures of the actress, both her name and that of the magazine when said number came out, became quite popular.

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Jennifer Lawrence appears in the image lying on a kind of wooden pee, in the background you can see a scene with beautiful natural foliage, some palm trees and bamboo, the actress is face down with her legs a little raised, interesting that in addition to being evident is that she is not wearing anything, it is what is accompanying her, it is what seems to be a Boa which is perching on her natural figure.


#JenniferLawrence, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair. Check out the March 2015 issue for the full Spotlight, “they wrote on Instagram.

For a few weeks Jennifer Lawrence She has been captivating her fans while enjoying a vacation, she was recently seen on a very relaxed beach in Hawaii, showing off a swimsuit with which she looked more than beautiful and captivating.

Surely like every person and even more celebrity, the actress likes to enjoy her moments of relaxation, however, being a public figure on many occasions it is inevitable that paparazzi are aware of her every move.

This is not the first or the last celebrity to be captured while taking a break, it is perhaps the price of having as much fame as Lawrence.

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