Jennifer Lawrence and the dress with which her baby bump could peek

As much as Jennifer Lawrence has been denying that she is pregnant, there are many clues to the contrary.

We know, Jennifer Lawrence has said that she does not expect to have a baby for now, as happy and in love as she is with her husband Cooke Maroney.

Jennifer Lawrence looks radiant in a yellow dress during a romantic trip with …

However, now that the couple is traveling to New Orleans, Jennifer took advantage of the hot weather to shed the coats she is often seen in New York with and wore a beautiful yellow Nanushka dress worth $ 408.

Jennifer and her husband enjoyed a late breakfast at a local barbecue restaurant called “The Joint,” and once fed, they toured the New Orleans Museum of Art, as art is one of Cooke’s passions.

Jennifer Lawrence ends rumors about her possible pregnancy

At some point in his itinerary, he seemed to look at her strangely, as if he was worried about how she was doing and as if he wanted to protect her or take care of her with great care … just as any man who watches over his family would.

Jen, meanwhile, was shown with a bulging belly and slightly tight neckline while her hair fluttered in the air and her makeup-free face looked radiant and with a natural glow, could it be the appearance of the famous baby glow?

As if that were not enough, the Hollywood star looked tired, so on different occasions she was caught yawning widely, without any attempt to hide her exhaustion while her posture was somewhat strange, as if she was slightly leaning forward.

We may be crazy, but there are many reasons to think that they could be expecting their first baby but they simply do not want to make it known yet, time will tell.

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