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The co-star of the tape « Dirty Dancing », Jennifer Gray, was not seen again in the cinema after another participation after the success of 1987, the year in which the popular film was released.

Jennifer Gray, who gave life to Baby, the co-star on the tape « Dirty Dancing« together with the remembered actor Patrick Swayze, She was not seen on stage again after that premiere, apparently, the traumas of a surgery prevented her from continuing to face the reflectors.

Gray had a last appearance in the Bloodhounds of Broadway tape in 1989, alongside Matt Dillon and Madonna however, his career began to decline.

The reasons: A poorly performed surgery

Like the vast majority of actresses, after achieving their goal of attracting the attention of reflectors They decide better their appearance and repair one imperfection than another.

There are countless cases in which they undergo various procedures in which actresses seek to give themselves a good little cat’s hand, however, the risk of something going wrong has affected many of them.

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It was the case of Jennifer Gray, for whom only an aesthetic procedure was enough for his face to change forever and in a second attempt to fix it he became for his friends, like someone else.

The then young actress had a characteristic prominent nose which she decided to change early in the 90, so he submitted to a « Rhinoplasty« To outline it. However, the operation did not go well and he underwent a second intervention which did not remedy the effects of the first.

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The result completely changed her face, she came to see herself so different that not even her friends recognized her and her career irretrievably suffered.

I entered the operating room as a celebrity and left it in anonymity. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible, « the actress said later in statements collected by the Contact Music portal.

My first film job was playing Nicholas Cage’s wife in « The Cotton Club ». Francis Ford Coppola asked the prop guy to get me a kitten right before filming a scene. I have to keep it.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

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After this, Flock even evaluated the possibility of using a new name Wanda west to break through with his new face, however, did not work.

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The career of the actress was limited to light participation in series of TV as « It’s Like, You Know » and « Friends » in addition to a Broadway play (The Twilight of the Golds, 1993) and a small role in the Bounce film, however their popularity was never the same again.

Currently, the actress lives with her family in The Angels, her 14-year-old daughter Stella and her husband, the actor and director Clark Gregg who recently announced their separation.

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Gray, 55, had a role in recent years on HBO’s John from Cincinnati series, as Dhapne.