Jennifer Garner takes advantage of a family outing to take pictures

Jennifer Garner has been quite active in both her professional and personal life, so she enjoyed a day at the beach with her family.

Jennifer Garner is celebrating her return to Hollywood after spending more time with her family; however, this is not an aspect that you have neglected now that you are back on the set.

In fact, her own life as a mother has helped her have inspiration for the most recent roles she has played, as happened in “Hoy si”, where, accompanied by Edgar Ramírez as her husband in fiction, she gives a day of concessions to their children.

In addition to ending up looking like a loving, modern, and dedicated mom, Jennifer used her real-life memories for a more authentic performance, which worked out perfectly.

After her participation, the star has acknowledged that her children have sometimes complained to her for “ending the fun” and that sometimes she likes to be a fun mom instead of a “dragon” as they have come to say with affection.

Based on what she learned from Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s book “Yes Day,” Jen began applying this policy with her children and it worked so well that it now turned out to be the inspiration for her recent film release.

The harmony in their home is undeniable and before the balance they have reached together, Jen wanted to do a photo shoot with Violet, Seraphina and Samuel in Marina del Rey, California.

In addition to juggling and playing with her offspring, the actress and producer posed to capture unforgettable moments with her family.

During the session Jennifer proved to be aware of everything and did not miss any detail that would prevent having perfect shots of the day with her children.

Soon we will be able to see it in The Adam Project and another couple of films that are still in their pre-production phase.