Jennifer Anniston shows off her preparation for an important event

Jennifer Anniston boasts her preparation for an important event (AFP)

Jennifer Anniston shows off her preparation for an important event | .

One of the celebrities who continues to captivate his followers over the years is Jennifer Aniston, recognized for having been one of the protagonists of the Friends series recently shared how her preparation was before the Emmys.

The actress Jennifer Aniston On September 20, he published on his official Instagram account a photograph where he was preparing to look more beautiful than ever.

Although the fact of wearing an impressive dress, impeccable makeup and showing off accessories is not everything, prior to all this, both the celebrity, whether male or female, must prepare to look spectacular, not only because of the outfit itself, it is rather the preparation of the body, the skin and perhaps the spirit.

All this includes a relaxing bath, preparing our skin with some masks and even some food or drink that relaxes our nervousness about appearing in a gala of great importance worldwide.

We can see all this summarized in the publication he made Jennifer Aniston On September 20 of this year, she was sitting in a kind of quite comfortable chair, while wearing a kind of pajamas whose fabric was quite wrinkled, but at the same time it looked comfortable, it was also accompanied by a delicious sparkling drink and on her face we can see some masks to hydrate her skin.

Emmy preparation … in my other mask Congratulations to the nominees and all the amazing performances we’ve seen this year, “he wrote in his photo.

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Jennifer Aniston has been characterized by being an extremely beautiful, captivating, humble actress and someone that everyone would like to know thanks to her personality and simplicity, Aniston has also become one of the celebrities of Hollywood Most loved, especially because of the fact that she had moved on after the breakdown of her relationship with Brad Pitt.

In the description of his photograph he shared his preparation and his other mask I also congratulate all the nominees for their impressive presentations and I hope they will see each other next year.

The fans of the actress throughout her post-Friends projects were delighted by the fact that she recently opened an account on Instagram, the emotion was so great that millions of fans began to follow her, thus becoming one of the artists with a sudden number of followers, having figures in the millions to date this number continues to grow thanks to each of its publications in photos or videos.

Immediately other celebrities from the show began to comment on his publication, including Julia Roberts, Lili Collins, Justin Anderson, Matt Bumer, Jessica Biel, among others.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is not only loved by her followers, which number approximately 35 million 700 thousand, but also other entertainment artists have become her fans, especially for the humor and charisma of the protagonist of “a wife of lies “next to Adam Sandler.

This publication already has around 4 million 400 thousand likes, there is no doubt that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular stars worldwide, although she has had several roles in different film projects, it has been precisely her character as Rachel Green in the series of Friends the most recognized and also loved by millions, since the series continues to be one of the best known and most viewed.

Few of the publications he has made on his Instagram account and that he also chooses to show off his figure, rather he concentrates on sharing with his followers interesting and comical publications that surely more than one is going to get a smile.