Jennifer Aniston’s new love Would she be Olivia Wilde’s ex?

Jennifer Aniston's New Love Is Olivia Wilde's Ex? (AP)

Jennifer Aniston’s new love Would she be Olivia Wilde’s ex? | AP

The singleness of the actress Jennifer Aniston has led her to be related to various figures in the midst of entertainment, after her separation from Justin Theroux, the strong rumors with Brad Pitt, now the “Friends” actress has been romantically linked with the ex-husband of Olivia wilde.

The couple that was made up of actress Olivia Wilde and Jason sudeikis goes through one of the most difficult moments, while the star and filmmaker moves in with Harry Styles, they assure that his ex-partner, Sudeikis, would seek consolation with one of the famous Hollywood blondes, Jennifer Aniston.

The rumors about the quartet are burning in the middle of the news related to international stars, on the one hand Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles and on the other, Jason Sudeikis former partner of the also producer, who they claim is devastated, but apparently has found “consolation” and the name of the Movie artist 52 years old figure in the scene.

According to sources, this 2021, Jennifer Aniston could finally open the doors to love and it would be precisely with the ex of the serial actress “House” at least, are the rumors that echo from the famous city related to the American film industry.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis were featured in the film “Who * & $ … Are the Millers?”

Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend

Apparently an anonymous testimony that shared alleged reports to InTouch magazine, the interpreter of the iconic “Rachel Green“and her new boyfriend,” they have tons in common, “they also reported that the supposed heartthrob” has his feet on the ground, he’s handsome, makes her laugh and makes her feel safe. She trusts him. “

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In addition, he also assured that the star of “Friends“One of NBC’s most famous comedy series from 1994 to 2004, Jennifer Aniston and her partner” love independent and foreign films, cooking and dogs, “added the source.

What originated these theories?

Given what happens with the past marriage of Wilde and Sudeikis now many speculate that he could be the new mysterious man in the life of the interpreter of “A lying wife.”

As they reveal, since the strong crisis that will lead to the breakdown of the marriage with two children, there has been a close relationship between Aniston and the actor, both of whom will collaborate on comedy tapes that include “Who * & $ .. Is it the Millers? ” and “How to kill your boss.”

This friendship would take them to a more sentimental plane, according to speculations in the press who do not rule out that something else arises between the two figures, since both are at a point in their lives that could prepare them for a “new relationship.”

Harry Styles is not guilty

After last Wednesday, February 17, Olivia Wilde was caught moving to Harry Styles’ house, thus confirming her Romance, the couple has been the target of a strong controversy.

Olivia, 36, married with two children from her marriage to the actor, is the producer of the new film by the British singer, Harry Styles, with whom she recently moved after breaking up with her former partner.

Apparently the New Yorker and the cast member of “Saturday Night Live” already had several problems and many of them because of the suspicions that the 45-year-old actor had of his wife and Harry according to what they say.

Although their relationship had already been fractured before, apparently for Sudeikis it was still a surprise that everything had turned out to be true and that he would find himself going through a difficult time right now.

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Close people say that “Jason tried in all possible ways to save their relationship since he felt love for Olivia and wanted things to work out, besides that they have pointed him out as a good father”