Jennifer Aniston’s friend reveals the secret that unites them so much

Jennifer Aniston's friend reveals the secret that unites them so much (AFP)

Jennifer Aniston’s friend reveals the secret that unites them so much | .

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous figures in the Hollywood industry and one of the most appreciated by a large number of fans as well as by one of her closest friends who revealed some details that have united them both.

On the other hand, the histrionic, Jennifer Aniston, has stood out for being one of the most discreet figures in the medium and on rare occasions has been involved in controversy, however, on this occasion one of her closest friends would have broken the silence.

A person who frequently lives with the beautiful actress, Aniston was the one who ended a part of her privacy by revealing the nickname with which she calls the famous Californian.

The star’s makeup artist showed the great affection that unites them since their work coexistence has led them to strengthen a special bond of friendship.

Angela Levin, is in charge of collaborating with Jennifer Aniston and highlighting the beauty with which the interpreter manages to dazzle in her presentations.

During a talk that Levin had with a well-known media outlet, he took the opportunity to pay several compliments to the movie star, whom he described as an incredible human being.

When I think of Jen, I think of kindness, generosity, love and family, she described in Hello!

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In the same way, in the most euphoric way he highlighted one of Aniston’s great qualities, a strong reason that would lead those closest to her to enjoy her company even more.

She has a way of making the people around her experience all those emotions and feelings at the same time. “

In addition to affectionately calling her by the three initials of her name “Jen”, Angela gave a glimpse of the great bond that exists between the two and is the reason for her nickname:

We are called Mamma ”, adding that“ not just the two of us, but all the amazing women around her. And in a sense, that sums it up: we are hers and she is part of our hearts forever. Truly one of a kind and one of a kind. “

It should be mentioned that this would not be the only way in which Levin addresses Aniston since when celebrating the birthday of the protagonist of a large number of films, he surrounded the current businesswoman with various compliments and loving words.

Happy birthday, honey, my love, my golden sun, ”he wrote. “We’ve been together for so many years and it still takes my breath away.”

The iconic “Rachel” is one of the most remembered characters of the most famous series, the latter based on a report by Hollywood Reporter, which has so far not been able to materialize the reunion for which its fans are so expecting due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was Matthew Perry himself who will inform all fans months ago that the planned meeting between the members of the series would have been rescheduled until March 2021.

Perry who acted in the popular show under the character of “Chandler Bing” who at the end starred in a wedding with his on-screen girlfriend, actress Courtney Cox who played Monica Geller in the story.

The emblematic program is a benchmark in television series and even today it continues to be among the public’s taste, it was just a few weeks that it was even part of the content on the Netflix platform.

The American television series aired for the first time on September 22, 1994 on NBC and ended on May 6, 2004.

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The story is set in New York and particularly portrays the life of a large group of friends who reside in Manhattan, the scenes take place most of the time around a large red armchair that became a symbol that represents this comedy.