Jennifer Aniston: “I would proudly say I fucked David Schwimmer if it had happened”

As expected, one of the most popular moments of the meeting of the protagonists of ‘Friends’, available on HBO, is the confession that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had feelings for each other as if they had been possessed by the spirits of Rachel and Ross. But nothing ever happened because either of them was always in a relationship.

In an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show, the actress explained a little more about that mutual crush that never came to fruition: “It was never the right time. And it wouldn’t have worked. The nice thing about that is that whatever feelings they were, we literally channeled them into Ross and Rachel, and I think maybe that’s why that relationship took such a hit. But no, never in my life – and Courteney (Cox) and Lisa (Kudrow) would know because they would have heard. They can vouch for me. I’d proudly say I’d fucked Schwimmer if it had happened. But not“.

It is not the only juicy theme that the actress brought up during her time on the program. He also spoke of that virtual reunion that he lived last year with Brad Pitt in the reading of the script of ‘That exciting course’, organized by Sean Penn to raise funds. Besides saying that he had a great time and that he considers his ex “a colleague”, he wanted to emphasize that there was no uncomfortable feeling on his part: “We talked, and there is nothing weird about it, except for people who probably saw it and wanted to or would have assumed there was going to be“.

He also spoke of a guest actor on ‘Friends’ who, in his words, “is as if he considers himself too ‘superior’ to be on a sitcom.” Remember a time when the team was going over dialogue and they laughed at a joke. “This person said: ‘Listen to them, laughing at their own jokes. How stupid, it’s not even funny. ‘ I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ This is a wonderful and warm place, and you have entered our house and you have shit in it“Although he did not give the name of the aforementioned, he did say:” The funny thing is that that man apologized for his behavior years later and said ‘I was so nervous that to be honest it was not my best behavior.’

Courteney Cox and her trauma with the awards

In the interview Aniston was accompanied by Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, and the latter admitted in the talk that she felt very bad that she was the only one who did not receive an Emmy nomination for her work on ‘Friends’: “It always hurt my feelings. When every cast member was nominated but me, of course it hurt my feelings. I was happy for everyone, and then I was thinking ‘oh, am I the only one?’ That hurts“Few actors are as sincere as Cox on the subject of the awards, who assures that the nomination she received for ‘Cougar Town’ was tremendously important to her:” The only thing that made me feel good – because everyone won and got so many awards – I was nominated for ‘Cougar Town’ in the first season – a Golden Globe. And I mean ‘who cares?’ It meant everything to me. I wanted my teammates to respect me and I know that the Golden Globes don’t necessarily give them teammates, but I felt as if I had taken a thorn from me. “Although the Emmy still resists him, he is clear about what he will do with it if he wins one someday: “To the bag. I’ll take it everywhere. “

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