Jennifer Aniston confesses her dirtiest secret She has more than one!

Jennifer Aniston confesses her dirtiest secret She has more than one! (AP)

Jennifer Aniston confesses her dirtiest secret She has more than one! | AP

The famous actress Jennifer Aniston He has more than one dirty secret kept, however, I reveal one of the darkest he could have and that will surely impress you, because he had never confessed that part of his private life before.

Jennifer Aniston and her friendliest character as Rachel Green on the series “Friends” undoubtedly added millions of fans to her artistic life.

Thanks to this, over time she fell in love with thousands of people around the world with her charisma and personality, which of course led her to become the impossible love of many.

However, behind her innocent look and beautiful face, she hides a s3xual secret That she came to reveal when she was interviewed a few years ago by Ellen Degeneres and it is one of the most candid places where she has had sexual encounters.

At that time the actress was invited to an Ellen DeGeneres show where they played “I never have …” a dynamic that consists of revealing daring secrets of your life and it was there that Aniston He confessed to having sex on a plane.

But that’s not all, since in the video shared by the Daily Mail, the actress made a trio with the pilot and the co-pilots of the aircraft.

Although the latter could be a joke, the idea that the actress had relations on a plane with a former partner and invented the lie of the trio to mislead what she had just confessed publicly is not ruled out.

Whether it was the handsome actor Brad Pitt or her ex-husband Justin Theroux, there is no doubt that Aniston put her fans to dream and her imagination to the million.

Of course Jennifer Aniston She is one of the most beloved actresses in the world of the big screen and the actress known for her majestic participation in “Friends”, also boasts of having a great relationship with her ex-partners.

Everyone knows his great relationship with old couples like Bradd Pitt or Justin Theroux, and even with John Mayer.

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However, if one of those relationships has taken the covers of magazines and heart programs, it has been Brad Pitt’s and even many years after their breakup, the couple’s most intimate secrets are still in the center of all the lights.

Without going any further, a friend of Jennifer Aniston revealed what the first months of the couple’s s3xual life were like.

And it is that apparently the Californian actress was for nine months without int1mar with Brad Pitt for fear that it could ruin their relationship.

It was the wisest thing Jennifer could have done. Imagine telling Brad Pitt to wait for sex. It had never happened, at least in his recent life, “confessed the source.

Also, at the time, back in 2001, Brad Pitt spoke about his sexual life and recognized that he had one thing in mind when he left the bathroom of his home in Beverlly Hills with a giant marble bathtub.

The bathroom was the first thing in the house I worked in when Jen and I were really connected. Things are on your mind … and I guess I had a dirty mind at the time, “he said.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston has a successful career in film, especially in romantic comedies, where she has participated in several Hollywood productions, starred in the hit cult film of t3rror and Comedy: “Leprechaun” from 1993 where she shared the leading role with Warwick Davis, later earned critical acclaim for her performances in independent films “She’s the One,” “Office Space,” “Friends with Money,” and “The Good Girl.”

After finishing the television series “Friends”, his biggest commercial successes have been the films “Almighty”, “Along Came Polly”, “Living with my ex”, “Marley and I” and “He doesn’t like you that much” .

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