Jenni Rivera, believe that she is alive due to rare messages shared by her son | Instagram

Seven years have passed since Jenni Rivera lost her life, she continues to leave a void in our hearts, although recently it is believed that she could be alive due to rare messages shared by her youngest son Juan Angel.

It was through a publication that he made in his account Instagram where he shared a message that seems to be from the Bible.

The strange message caused controversy since it speaks in relation to Jenni Rivera’s resurrection, causing some followers to begin to question some details to which he replied.

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However, having answered said questions caused dozens of rumors, suspicions and more doubts than answers.

The young man caused doubts in his followers who, surprised, asked him about the strange things he wrote because they seemed to be some passages of the bible.

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“God. It does not. Errors | PERIOD. JOURNALISM. PERIODICITY. PERIODIC TABLE. | God ALWAYS returns what was taken and will return it in double. Because she has never been more alive. | Numbers and the Bible NEVER lie. #JENNIVIVE ”, translation of the publication.

This message was the preamble of questions and answers of the most bizarre since Internet users asked more and more and the young man finished responding with more and more phrases leaving even more unknowns and with the idea that Rivera will be alive or not.

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“Spiritual resurrection. When a spirit reaches its maximum power / potential. 7 is the number of your life path. It’s been 7 years since he left. The ascent of Christ begins in John 13. Christ rose in 3 days 07/20/20 is in less than 3 months. The resurrection is John 20. “

Users immediately began to question these types of messages, if what they were writing could actually be happening real or fictitious since a new album by the singer was just released so it could be possible that this is a way to promote the album.

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