Jen Selter poses with her mother and shows her Fitness Goddesses!

Jen Selter poses with her mother and shows her Fitness Goddesses! (Instagram)

Jen Selter poses with her mother and shows her Fitness Goddesses! | Instagram

The fitness guru, Jen selterShe is quite a character and has managed to captivate millions of people and although little is known about her personal life, she recently showed someone very important to her. And now we can see where I get beauty.

There is no doubt that the beautiful model Jen Selter has perfectly known how to win over her audience on social networks, both men and women, since she is known for her glute training.

This beautiful girl who also has a fabulous figure, is a fitness model, instructor and internet celebrity who, as expected, gained fame thanks to her physical characteristics, which led her to professionalism in the world of modeling.

Something that characterizes her a lot are her daily publications on her official Instagram account and yesterday she decided to pose with one of the most important people for her, her mother, who to be honest left us quite surprised, since she also has an exceptional figure that leaves you with your mouth open.

It was a video that he shared on his profile and it may cause you a bit of confusion, since at the beginning you see a girl that we could think is Jen, however, to everyone’s surprise! mother!

That’s right, because they really are identical And although their age is not known, they could pass for someone in their 30s, and in the video they wear the same sports outfit, which caused more confusion.

I bet you didn’t see that mother bear coming, “Jen wrote in the post.

Undoubtedly, this publication caused a great impression among its millions of followers, because so far the video has more than 80 thousand reproductions just one day after being shared and also endless comments from users of the network Social.

Both girls! “,” I really thought Jen hugged Jen “,” You guys are so cute. “,” I like this “,” Your mom is on the next level! She rocks, “” Twinning and your mother’s abs “,” Is that really your mom’s body? Incredible … How old is she? “, Were some of the many comments.

It is worth mentioning that in the internet world he began to gain greater recognition thanks to his classes on fitness, appearance and figure, in particular, his great and toned r3taguard1a.

Thanks to this, throughout her career as a model and influencer, she has managed to appear in magazines such as Elle, FHM, Muscle & Fitness, Vanity Fair, Maxim, Men’s Health and Playb0y, among many other brands.

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There is no doubt that the 27-year-old New Yorker has surprised a lot with an exercise capable of toning our glutes so that they do not lose their volume, this being the reason why millions of women follow it.

It is important to note that not everything is exercise for Jen selter, since it has a diet that favors nutritious foods, such as salmon, chicken, salads and smoothies or smoothies, although it has a small guilty taste that is allowed daily.

And in fact on one occasion, Jen Selter explained that moderation is key and a “cheat meal” is necessary, as the mind plays a very important role at this point.

Jen Selter is a goddess of the fitness world and over the years, based on her exercise routines, she has managed to have a body of envy for women of all ages, something that has made her one of the most popular models. followed.

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